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Lion Premium Grills Newsletter – No. 69, June 2019


Island created by Picket Fences Landscape @ Chula Vista, CA.



Hello and welcome to the 69th edition and June 2019 issue of the Lion Premium Grills Newsletter! We have quite a variety of features lined up for this issue as we officially kick off the summer season. The past few months have flown by rapidly and now we’ve hit the prime grilling season — long days, warm nights, vacations, summer break, and encroaching holidays such as the Fourth of July are all great reasons to spend more time outside with friends and family. Of course, having an outdoor grill and/or kitchen island is perfect for taking advantage of just these reasons. You can throw backyard parties or even just relax on a beautiful evening outside grilling with your immediate family; the possibilities are endless. We hope all of you will enjoy this latest edition and thank you for visiting Lion Premium Grills!






Here’s what we have in store for this month’s edition. First off, we have a great review from the Everyday Grillman who placed our L75000 grill at the top of it’s class. It’s a great read that we hope you’ll enjoy. Following that we have a short feature detailing some of the benefits of adding an outdoor kitchen / bbq island to your backyard set-up. We also take a look at the variety of burners on the market and why our cast stainless steel burners are superior to some of the other materials that are used to construct them. We have a great grilled lobster recipe to boot, and we close out this issue with a detailed overview of the countertop options for our bbq islands (granite and tile options). Again, we hope you enjoy this month’s issue and we thank you for taking the time to explore out products!








Lion Premium Grills – Voted # 1 Gas Grill!


We are very proud to announce that our 32″ L75000 BBQ grill was chosen as the # 1 pick for “Best Built-In Gas Grill” by Phil Keaton at the Everyday Grillman! We take the utmost pride in our product and gaining recognition such as this is something we value so very highly.  We produce the best grills bar none and features like this really help to state that case. Below you’ll find select excerpts from the review. Many thanks to Phil Keaton at Everyday Grillman for the glowing review, we appreciate it greatly!

Outstanding Quality

“This grill provides you with 830 square inches of cooking surface beauty and its stainless steel body is an item of envy. Its four stainless steel burners give you a variety of cooking options and with Lion Premium Grill’s lifetime warranty on its cast burners, you can depend on their reputation for trustworthiness.”

Achieves Precise Grilling

“Getting the correct temperature on meat when grilling is almost as important as the choice of the grill itself. That mouthwatering steak or burger at the perfect temperature is sought after and envied when achieved. The Lion Premium Grill’s XL temperature gauge will help you reach this desired temperature, and leave your guests wondering how you managed to cook your meat so perfectly.”

Fantastic Grill Features

“When waiting to eat with a group of people but the cooking has to get started ahead of time, the adjustable warming rack on the grill will be the perfect little helper to prevent your meat from getting cold and simultaneously drying out. The food will still be as tasty as it was if it had just completed cooking.”

For Grillmasters and Novices Alike

“Many grills these days provide more than one option for cooking. The Lion Premium Grill is no different. Along with the burners there is also an infrared rotisserie back burner. The mechanics of this burner is no stranger to grill masters and enthusiasts alike, and it allows the meat to be roasted and evenly cooked while simultaneously searing the outside to prevent the loss of juices or drying of the meat.”

“With excellent testing results and rave reviews from new and confirmed Lion Premium Grill customers, is it any wonder that this grill is considered among the best?”


Lion – The Benefits Of Adding An Outdoor Kitchen To Your Backyard

If you enjoy grilling on a regular basis, entertaining friends and family, or hosting parties then it may be time to think about adding a complete outdoor kitchen to your outdoor set-up. Our BBQ islands fulfill that need perfectly. Outdoor kitchens add versatility, enhance grilling functionality, and are eye catching as well. Below you’ll find some of the reasons we think that an outdoor kitchen / BBQ island may benefit you.

One of the primary benefits of adding an outdoor kitchen / BBQ island to your backyard is simple; the island attracts attention and many times functions as one of the central social areas at any party. For instance, the island to the left showcases this facet perfectly. With the host of bar stools, the step-up countertop, and more, it just makes a great spot to hang out and chat, have a drink with friends, and of course, eat! They are fantastic hubs to build the remainder of your outdoor set-up around. Outdoor kitchens are an impressive addition to any backyard.


Being visually impressive as well as pleasing to the eye is a factor that most individuals will always take into consideration. Nothing stands out more than a beautiful outdoor kitchen / island that’s stacked with extra features such as an outdoor fridge, double side burner, bar sink, drawers & doors, and more (let your imagination run wild). They add that extra depth, that extra pop and wow factor to any backyard. Not only are they extremely functional, they impress with their tremendous ability to catch anyone’s attention. There’s a sense of satisfaction to be had when you take a look at your outdoor set-up and see an object that functions wonderfully while also looking eye popping.



Built Like a Tank!

BBQ Island by Elemental Landscapes @ Mokena, IL

“I love grilling outdoors and I was looking to upgrade from my sturdy charcoal grill to something that looks great in addition to grilling like a champ. I came across this Lion 32″ grill and once I saw the specs and quality of the building materials I pulled the trigger and ordered one. This thing went way above my expectations and blew them out of the water. Lion created an amazing grill that is built like a tank and outputs some serious heat. I picked up a charcoal tray as well so that I can add that dimension to my cooking when I feel the need. A plus is that guests always point out how impressive this grill looks. I can recommend this to anyone that’s looking to pick up a great new grill.”

J. Roberts
Valencia, California
32″ L75000 Grill –




Lion Premium Grills – Superior Quality: Types of Burners and Why Lion is the Best

Island created by Picket Fences Landscape @ Chula Vista, CA.

Burners: Types of Burners and Why Lion Beats the Competition

There is no doubt that the burners of a grill are one of the most essential components of any BBQ grill. As such, the quality of the materials that went into creating the burner are vital and when you want to maximize your grilling potential you’ll want the best. The materials used to craft grill burners run the gamut from cast brass to cast stainless steel to cast iron. The power of the burner itself is measured in BTUs; BTUs can be used as a barometer for the overall grilling power of the grill and heat generation for cooking. Again, the quality of the burners need to be factored in as well when it comes to overall longevity and performance. At Lion we utilize 304 grade cast stainless steel burners which are by far the superior model of burner created from heavy gauge stainless steel.

304 Grade Cast Stainless Steel Burners are by far the superior burner type. Cast stainless steel burners are solid pieces of metal and are not welded together which means that these burners are extremely durable and heavy duty. The 304 grade solidifies this as 304 grade is top of the line commercial grade steel. 304 grade typically consists of 10% Nickel and 18% Chromium. Cast stainless burners are also extremely resistant to rust due to the composition of the burner itself. Heat generation and longevity of these burners is also top notch. Our cast stainless burners output 15,000 BTUs apiece! Where as other materials used to create burners may be prone to warping, rusting, etc. cast stainless is not prone to those same issues at all.

It’s clear cut that cast stainless (304) is by far the best.

Other Burner Types:

Cast Iron

Cast Iron Burners are extremely heavy duty and durable. They do tend to suffer from excessive rusting, which can happen quite quickly, and as such they need to be maintained on a regular basis by using a wire brush to remove rust flakes and other assorted debris. While heavy duty, the fact that they rust easily and fare poorly in any type of outdoor element that may produce rust (living by the ocean for example) makes them unsuitable for Lion Premium Grills.

Cast Brass

Cast Brass Burners are also heavy duty but unlike their cast iron counterparts, cast brass burners are extremely resistant to rust. The issue with cast brass is that the heat generation may cause them to warp, bend, or sag. Cast brass burners are generally high quality but we feel that cast stainless just outperforms it in every aspect and as such we use cast stainless steel.


Stamped Stainless Steel

Stamped stainless steel are usually very low quality and make for extremely flimsy burners. They are usually made from low grade, light gauge stainless steel and are not one solid piece of metal; instead it's two pieces "stamped" together. These burners tend to be short lived. They are not made of 304 grade stainless steel, instead they are crafted from the lowest grades of steel. Avoid these at all costs.

Lion Premium Grills Featured Recipe: Grilled Lobster Tails & Spicy Citrus Butter

Photo by Seth Snyder

We’re kicking off this issue with an absolutely amazing recipe that is also incredibly easy to make — grilled lobster tails with  spicy citrus butter. The flavor profiles are off the charts and while simple to make, the results are really unbelievable; this is one of our favorite recipes for sure. Lobster is great, but there is just something about grilling it that takes it to entirely new levels. Enjoy the recipe!


  • 4 six ounce lobster tails (if frozen, be sure to thaw them out first)
  •  5 tablespoons of softened unsalted butter
  • 2 minced medium cloves of garlic
  • 3/4 tablespoon of kosher salt
  • 1 tablespoon Tabasco Sauce
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lime zest, grated
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon zest, grated
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice


  • Prepare your Lion gas BBQ grill by preheating it to medium high heat (450-475 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • While letting the grill heat up, prep your lobster tails for the grill by cutting along the back of the lobsters starting at the opening of the tail to the fin of the tail.
  • Clean out any undesirable matter from the split open lobster tail if necessary.
  • Melt 1 tablespoon of butter in a skillet or pan over medium heat. This is the perfect situation for one of our Lion side burners.
  • As the butter melts, add in the minced garlic and stir occasionally until the garlic begins to turn a golden brown.
  • After the garlic and butter mixture turns a golden brown (takes roughly 2 minutes), remove the mixture from heat and transfer the sauce into a bowl. Let the mixture cool for 2-3 minutes.
  • Add the remaining 4 tablespoons of butter, lemon juice, lemon zest, lime zest, kosher salt, and Tabasco. Mix well.
  • Go ahead and take your split lobster tails and brush them with the butter mixture.
  • Take the lobster tails and place them on the grill; grill until the meat of the tails is lightly marked (it should take roughly 3 minutes or so).
  • Dollop the remaining butter over the lobster meat and close the lid of the grill.
  • Grill until the lobster meat is firm, moist, and opaque which should take 2 to 3 minutes more.
  • Remove from the grill and serve warm, room temperature, or chilled as part of a lobster salad.

Lion – A Look at Our Island Countertop Selections

Granite is an exceptional choice for a Lion Premium Grills island countertop. Why you may ask? Well, the answer is quite simple. In terms of stones, granite reigns at the top as one of the most durable natural stones on the planet. This is not an exaggeration, not in the least. Not only is it incredibly hard and able to withstand significant force, granite is also incredibly beautiful to look at. It immediately adds aesthetic value, and this is truly the case when it comes to our BBQ island countertops which utilize granite slabs for an incredibly polished and sleek look. Granite is also stain resistant and a cinch to clean further solidifying it as a top tier choice for counter construction.

New Caldeonia Granite


New Caledonia granite is extracted from a state in Brazil called Espirito Santo (which translates to the “Holy Spirit” or “Holy Ghost” in English). We love to utilize this for our countertops because New Caledonia has a beautiful appearance, texture, and a very consistent, even grain structure (in addition to the other positive qualities of granite such as strength and durability)  which makes it extremely suitable for use outdoors.

New Caledonia — as mentioned previously — is quite spectacular to look at. You’ll be immediately drawn in by the intricate and complex color patterns; shades of light gray, white, off-white, and charcoal all intermingle to create this beautiful stone slab. The BBQ island featured in the picture above has a countertop constructed from New Caledonia. You can see the image below for a close-up of the countertop.

Baltic Brown Granite

Baltic Brown originates  in Kymi, Finland, a rural municipality roughly 60 miles from Helsinki. Immediately apparent is just how dazzling to the eye Baltic Brown is. You’ll be entranced by the beautiful blend of swirling blacks and browns, highlighted by smaller flecks of contrasting tans and grays. It also maintains a very consistent appearance across each slab. As with all of the granite that we use for our countertops at Lion, it is extremely durable (we construct outdoor BBQ islands so this type of quality is a must).

The sturdiness and beauty of Baltic Brown is easily seen in the image below of a BBQ island featuring a countertop constructed from this particular type of granite. Check out the beautiful shape and contours of the counter on one of our signature Lion BBQ islands/outdoor kitchens.

Giallo Veneziano Granite

Giallo Veneziano, like New Caldeonia, also originates in Espirito Santo, Brazil. This particular granite is extracted from a massive quarry that is said to contain at least five hundred years worth of granite if extraction rates are stabilized at their current rates. The grain and texture is of a medium variation. The durability is very high for Giallo Veneziano which makes it suitable for use in constructing our various signature BBQ islands.

Originally a gold granite, the color has changed over the past 40 years as the extraction has whittled away the original mountain layers from which it was quarried. It is visually stunning, as the predominant golden texture is interspersed with vibrant veins of black and gray. As with the other two types of granite we offer, the Giallo Veneziano is top notch when it comes to form, functionality and aesthetics. Check out the close-up image below of one of our island units with the Giallo Veneziano.


We’ve added some new selections to our porcelain tile collection. Continental Slate utilizes Reveal Imaging technology which gives this tile a true, natural slate like realism. These tiles are extremely durable and able to absorb up to 275 lbs. of force. Aesthetically, this series of tiles is striking and detailed; the eye will always find some new color or pattern to focus on. The blended color patterns are amazing to be frank. One color scheme is called Egyptian Beige, which is a pale tan and beige blend that is subtle and easy to color match with almost anything. Tuscan Blue is a beautifully vibrant mixture of deep blue hues and patterns; seeing it really does live up to its name, bringing about images of rolling ocean waves and deep blue coastal skies.  Brazilian Green is a deep mixture of green hues with subtle hints of gray to really add depth and bring out the rest of the colors. Indian Red is an eye-popping color scheme, comprised of a striking swirl of deep reds, rich browns, and gray highlights.

These tiles are truly eye-catching and are crafted to perfection.  They really make the base colors and grill products stand out and pop when used as a countertop for our BBQ islands.

The Continental Slate Porcelain Tile Collection

The intriguing colors and cleft surface of Continental Slate are a near perfect recreation of natural slate. Its inspired tones have a high degree of shade variation, so they complement practically any decor.

Brazilian Green

01 brazilian green

Persian Gold

02 persian gold

Egyptian Beige

03 egyptian beige

Asian Black

04 asian black

Indian Red

05 indian red

English Grey

06 english grey

Tuscan Blue

07 tuscan blue

Moroccan Brown

08 moroccan brown