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Lion Premium Grills Newsletter – July 2023, Issue 118


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Lion Premium Grills Newsletter – No. 118, July 2023

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Welcome to the July issue of our monthly newsletter and a happy 4th of July to everyone! We’ve hit our 118th edition and we hope you’ll continue to visit us if you’re a returning visitor or that you’ll enjoy your stay if this is your first time checking in with us. We hope you’ve enjoyed your summer season thus far! It’s honestly incredible that we are already in July; this past year seemed to fly by quickly. This is prime grilling season — it’s the perfect time to enjoy those warm summer nights outside with the family and friends — so fire up that grill! We have a great issue lined up for this month, which we’ll detail below. Thank you again for taking the time to visit us!


Following is a quick breakdown of the content we have lined up for this issue. Kicking things off this month, we have a great new cooking video from Simon with a 4th of July theme! Following that up we are featuring a full blown breakdown of the L60000 32″ grill model which is the most recent addition to our line-up! We go over everything about this grill so we hope you can find the detailed information we provided useful.  This month’s issue also features a short guide on how to up your grill game by cooking up the perfect steak on your Lion premium gas grill.  We also have a great video from Calimingo Pools featuring our products. We really hope you enjoy this month’s issue! Thank you for the support!


Lion Premium Grills – 4th of July Celebration!

We’re kicking things off this month with a brand new video from Simon. He’s cooking up something special for Independence Day and what could be better than some delicious meat and veggie skewers? We hope you enjoy the video and thanks to Simon for the brand new submission!



Lion Premium Grills – Spotlight On Our L60000 BBQ Grill!

Last year we introduced a brand new member to our original grill line-up — the 32″ L60000 gas bbq grill! If you’re interested in finding out more about this particular model please continue to read our in-depth look at the L60000.


lion gas bbq grill

Let’s start at the top. Our grills feature an XL temperature gauge which is mounted on the front lid; as the name states, it’s extra large for ease of use and readability. It’s lined with polished stainless steel and it registers temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The front lid of the grill also comes equipped with our polished stainless steel XL full length handle. Opening your L60000 grill hood is a breeze and our eye catching handle not only looks beautiful but it’s also constructed from high quality stainless steel.


The grill hood is dual layered and like the rest of the grill is comprised of 16 gauge 304 grade stainless steel which is rust proof and highly durable in addition to being one of the highest grades of stainless steel available commercially. You can feel the hardiness and density and the high quality of construction upon examination. The inside of the hood comes equipped with polyurethane grommets which provide protection against the hood scraping the inside of the grill lip; these grommets are comprised of highly resilient polyurethane which adds additional impact and abrasion resistance.

Liom BBQ - L60000 BBQ Grill


The interior of the grill  comes equipped with a warming rack which is fully adjustable. Our stainless steel smoker box is sitting on the grill grates; this handy device allows you to infuse your food with a multitude of new options and flavors. Basically, you can fill the smoker box with wood chips, etc. and add that wood smoked flavor to whatever you happen to be grilling, the options are almost endless. Our griddle plate — which for this model is sold separately — is also set on the grill itself; this item expands your grilling possibilities by allowing you to cook eggs, bacon, and a huge variety of other items directly on your grill. This two accessories can prove to be essential to anyone’s cooking arsenal!



The control panel features full sized XL knobs, and a full size drip tray. Push and turn knobs work beautifully to actually ignite your grill burners; they’re also designed with user functionality in mind. The full size drip tray is also very easy to pull out of the grill and also set back into place. As has been mentioned before, our grill is constructed from 16 gauge 304 grade stainless steel which makes our grills the heaviest in their class, bar none. Below you’ll find a handy information sheet that further breaks down the specifications and features of the L60000.



Lion Premium Grills L60000 Detail Sheet



Lion Premium Grills – Upgrade Your Backyard with Lion!

We want to showcase this beautiful photo of an outdoor kitchen that features our grill and other accessories!



Lion Premium Grills – Check Out this Video from Calimingo Pools!

 We were recently sent this beautiful video from Calimingo Pools which showcases their beautiful outdoor design work along with our premium outdoor kitchen equipment and bbq! Many thanks and be sure to check out their website and Instagram pages!



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Lion Premium Grills – Cooking the Perfect Steak


Never has the old adage of easy to learn, difficult to master ever been more accurate than when it comes to grilling that perfect steak. Achieving the perfect sear, cooking it to the desired wellness, etc. are all things that define perfection. Check out these tips below and you’ll be on your way to producing a perfectly seared medium rare New York Strip steak.


Cooking the Perfect Steak

It’s an age old question — “How long should I cook this if I want it medium-rare?” (or well, or medium-well, and so on). Heat levels can be variable so here are some easy ways to monitor the “wellness” of your steak based on appearance.

  • If you want your steak well done do the following. Grill the meat on one side substantially; you’ll know when it is time to turn the steak when you’ve seen that plenty of liquid and juices from the meat have surfaced. Once this has happened it’s time to turn the steak and brown the other side. It will have a brown, carmelized crust appearance and it will be firm to the touch. Be careful not to totally overcook the steak or risk completely drying it out.
  • For medium and medium well, you’ll want to grill the steak on one side. Once you see that droplets of juice begin to accumulate on the surface of the steak turn and brown the other side. It will be ready when it is not completely firm to the touch but when it has some slight resistance when pressed. Make sure it is not completely firm as that signals that the steak has been cooked completely through.
  • If you want your steak to be cooked medium rare then you’ll want to wait until you see tiny blood droplets surface. Turn and brown. The steak will be ready to consume when the steak is not firm in the least to the touch. Rather it should have plenty of “give” when pressed. It will have a “juicy” appearance when the steak is at the preferred level of wellness.
  • If you want your steak rare then try grill the meat at a high temperature. You want your steak to be seared on the outside but maintain the rare and juicy state of the center of the steak. Cook to desired wellness. The steak should be soft when tested for firmness.