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Making the Switch to Lion!

Welcome to the Lion Premium Grills “Making the Switch to Lion” photo gallery! Changing out an old BBQ grill for one of our premium BBQ grills can definitely enhance anyone’s backyard set-up.




In the first image we have a BBQ island with an old gas BBQ grill. The second showcases just how much of an upgrade it is to switch over to Lion Premium Grills, visually and functionally. The difference is immediately noticeable.



The replacement of the old worn out BBQ grill with a brand new Lion Premium Grills L75000 32″ gas grill is an immediate and drastic improvement. Sleeker, sturdier and packing powerful grilling capabilities, the Lion Premium Grills BBQ unit is unmatched!




For our this gallery, we’re featuring a set of photos from the Huntington Beach Firefighter’s Association. As you can see, the HBFD has our 40″ L90000 premium BBQ grills mounted on a custom trailer that also functions as a grilling station. First off, the HBFD needed a luxury grill that could withstand beach weather without being compromised by the salt factor; our stainless steel units are definitely fit to withstand such weather conditions by providing substantial corrosion resistance.

Our BBQ grills are also incredibly durable and are able to be mounted on a heavy-duty trailer, driven around, and used when need be. There is no need to worry about the grills falling apart; they can be driven to the specified location and used as intended. The build quality is outstanding as these photos demonstrate. THE HBFD also needed a grill that’s suitable for grilling for hundreds of people; the L90000 pulls this off and more without a problem. Grilling in quantity is not an issue for this unit. Our grills are the toughest on the market and can meet and surpass even the most demanding tasks. Thanks again to the Huntington Beach Firefighter’s Association for picking Lion Premium Grills as their BBQ of choice!




This island featured an old gas grill that — as you can see from the picture — was definitely in need of a replacement. The new Lion Premium Grills L75000 in the second image served as a complete and total upgrade to the old grill.


This backyard underwent a complete overhaul. Everything was replaced, including the old BBQ island. The difference between the two photos is quite clear to see.


The images from this gallery were taken at Ruby Hills Country Club in Pleasanton, California. After removing the old BBQ grill, we had to modify the island to make the switch to our state of the art L75000 stainless steel BBQ grill. The final results speak for themselves.








Here’s a step by step look at a BBQ island being reformatted to accommodate a brand new Lion Premium L75000 BBQ grill. The difference is immediately apparent!


In this gallery you can see what a difference it makes when an older BBQ grill is exchanged for our superior stainless steel L75000 BBQ grill.


In this sequence of photos we start off with a shot of the old, battered grill that we’ll be replacing with a Lion Premium unit. The second shot is the BBQ island with the old grill removed, followed by a shot of the island with a brand new Lion Premium BBQ grill. The huge difference is immediately noticeable. 


This  gallery displays happy customers who decided to make the switch to Lion from other BBQ grill manufacturers; it’s not a surprise that they all appear extremely satisfied with their new Lion Premium Grills products!

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