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Lion Premium Grills Before and After Gallery

Welcome to Lion Premium Grills’ Before and After Photo Gallery!  Below you’ll find various galleries showcasing our building process, on-site assembly, and more.

 Here we can see the clear results of just how much a backyard is enhanced by adding one of our luxury BBQ grills, BBQ islands, and Lion accessories. The addition easily gives this backyard a complete look.



This gallery showcases the step by step process of adding one of our BBQ islands to a backyard. You can gradually see just how our products are able to enhance any backyard both in functionality and beauty. Our variety of customization options is also on display.








This gallery showcases the delivery and set-up of one of our beautiful BBQ islands and grill. As you can see, our islands have a wide variety of customization options to further enhance not only the appearance but the functionality!









This gallery showcases one of our premium BBQ islands constructed from start to finish!  Nothing makes us happier than pleasing our customers with our variety of grills, accessories, and BBQ islands. Many thanks to all of our customers and clients!







This particular gallery showcases the on-site assembly of our BBQ island; here you can see the process in action from start to finish along with some of our premium customization options. In no time at all we are able to assemble the finished product, complete with an eye-catching built-in firepit and granite countertop.


Our  gallery displays the delivery and set-up of one of our BBQ islands and grills. The end product speaks for itself, enhancing an already beautiful backyard setting.



Here we have a before and after picture of a patio prior to featuring our Lion Premium products. The second set of photos showcases another backyard before purchasing our island and grill and after purchasing our products.


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