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Lion Premium

  Lion Premium Grills – Featured Testimonials!   One of our favorite features for our Lion Premium Newsletter are the customer testimonials. Positive feedback from individuals who are happy and satisfied enough to go out of their way to leave glowing reviews of our products is something that makes us incredibly pleased! Making the best […]

Welcome to the Lion Premium Grills “Making the Switch to Lion” photo gallery! Changing out an old BBQ grill for one of our premium BBQ grills can definitely enhance anyone’s backyard set-up.       In the first image we have a BBQ island with an old gas BBQ grill. The second showcases just how […]

Welcome to Lion Premium Grills’ Before and After Photo Gallery!  Below you’ll find various galleries showcasing our building process, on-site assembly, and more.  Here we can see the clear results of just how much a backyard is enhanced by adding one of our luxury BBQ grills, BBQ islands, and Lion accessories. The addition easily gives […]

Hello and welcome to the Lion Premium Grills Photo Gallery! Please  enjoy the extensive photo galleries of our products at  Lion Premium Grills as well as  images of our production and manufacturing process.    

Hearth & Home recently ran a feature article on one of our vendors, Greenforest Fireplace and Patio in their March 2014 issue! Greenforest is located in Chicago, IL and is owned and operated by Rey Quesada. The interview is both an interesting and informative read and should definitely be checked out.  Thanks to Greenforest for […]

  In 1992 award winning barbeque designer and manufacturer Leon Carter went out to create something new that had never been done before. He designed and manufactured the first barbeque island cabinet and barbeque equipment to be built in one factory and assembled as one unit. The customer had a variety of exterior finish options […]