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        Lion Premium Grills  L60000 – The Newest Addition to Our Stable of Premium Grills! In 2022 we introduced a brand new member to our original grill line-up — the 32″ L60000 gas bbq grill! If you’re interested in finding out more about this particular model please continue to read our in-depth […]

  Lion Premium Grills – Cooking Salmon with Simon! We’re kicking off this month’s issue with another great cooking video from Simon! This month he’s trying his hand at grilling some salmon with one of our premium grills. As usual, this video is very entertaining and peppered with humor. We hope you enjoy!    […]

    Lion Premium Grills – 4th of July Celebration! We’re kicking things off this month with a brand new video from Simon. He’s cooking up something special for Independence Day and what could be better than some delicious meat and veggie skewers? We hope you enjoy the video and thanks to Simon for the […]

  Lion Premium Grills – Summer Grilling! We have another cooking video by Simon and this time he’s cooking up a summertime classic.     Lion Premium Grills Side Burners: Examining Our Single & Double Side Burners   We regularly feature one of our accessories or grill components and provide a closer, in-depth look at […]

  Lion Premium Grills – May Video from Simon! Hi! We have a brand new video submitted by Simon. This is another fun episode from Simon and this time he’s grilling corn on our L90000 40″ grill! As we always say, we find these videos to be a fun contrast to the usual cooking videos […]

  Lion Premium Grills –  New Video From Simon! Hello! Simon has sent over a new seasonal — as always — themed grilling video. This one is quite amusing and fun to watch. It’s April this one has some Easter flair. Thanks again to Simon for sending us this clip!     Lion Premium Grills […]

    Lion Premium Grills – Simon’s New Video Using The L90000! We always enjoy it when Simon sends us a new themed video and this month is no exception! This time he takes his whimsical approach to grilling and applies it to grilling up some potato wedges. These are always lighthearted and fun to […]

  Lion Premium Grills – New Year’s Video From Simon! It’s been a few months but Simon has returned with a brand new grilling video to kick off the new year. He’s going for a twist for this one and as usual, we find these videos to be lighthearted while also displaying that you can […]

    Lion Premium Grills – Holiday Baking on a Lion BBQ! We initially posted this in last December’s issue but we wanted to go ahead and bring it back for this year’s issue! It’s a seasonal video from Simon where he showcases the grilling possibilities on a Lion Premium  Grill. In this Christmas themed […]

        Lion Premium Grills – Valentine’s Day Episode from Simon Grills! We were lucky enough to receive another very entertaining video from Simon utilizing our Lion L90000 40″ gas grill to grill up some delicious looking steaks — it doesn’t matter what occasion it is, you can never really go wrong with […]

  Lion Premium Grills: Featured on The Price is Right! We just recently had our bbq grill and cart featured as a prize again on the classic CBS gameshow, the Price is Right! It’s a short clip but we thought it would still be of interest to have it featured on our website as we […]

    Lion Premium Grills – Featured on CBS’ The Price is Right! Lion Premium Grills was featured recently on the classic CBS game show “The Price is Right.” Our L90000 40″ BBQ grill and 40″ grill cart combo was featured as a prize on the “Bargain Game” segment — did the contestant happen to […]

  Lion Premium Grills – Making Grilled Veggies and Shrimp Salad on a Lion Grill! We have another great video provided to us by Frankie and Luca Russo utilizing our Lion grill to cook up some really great food that’s a perfect healthy alternative to the usual. In this clip Luca is creating some mouth […]

    A Fantastic Value “This grill is a great value. It gets very hot, very quickly, and holds a steady temperature for smoking or slow-cooking meats well, even when the outside temperatures change substantially during the course of cooking. The in-grill thermometer is accurate for the most part, which is definitely a plus. It’s […]

  Lion Premium Grills – Why Use a Gas Grill?   What are the benefits of going with a gas BBQ grill? There are a myriad of reasons why gas grilling can completely upgrade one’s grilling experience. Here are a handful of reasons why Lion Premium Grills gas BBQs are the superior choice. Convenience and […]

  Lion Premium Grills – Voted # 1 Gas Grill!   We are very proud to announce that our 32″ L75000 BBQ grill was chosen as the # 1 pick for “Best Built-In Gas Grill” by Phil Keaton at the Everyday Grillman! We take the utmost pride in our product and gaining recognition such as […]

        Lion Premium Grills – A Closer Look at Our L90000 BBQ Grill Our grills feature an XL temperature gauge which is mounted on the front lid; as the name states, it’s extra large for ease of use and readability. It’s lined with polished stainless steel and it registers temperatures in both […]

Lion Premium Grills: San Dimas Sheriff’s Department & Lion! We recently built a two piece island for the San Dimas Sheriff’s Department featuring all of our accessories and equipment and we thought we’d share! This is a special custom unit we built featuring dual L90000 40″ bbq grills, two individual door/drawer combos, a warming drawer […]

    Lion Premium Grills – Featured on Bravo’s Millionaire Dollar Listing Los Angeles! Hello, thanks for visiting us. As the heading says, Lion Premium Grills was just featured on the premiere episode of the new season of Millionaire Dollar Listing Los Angeles. This tv program follows a group of real estate agents in LA […]

    Lion Premium Grills Review- Exceptional Grill!     Larry Gaian — Answer.com’s resident BBQ & grill expert — just delivered a comprehensive review of our 32″ stainless steel L75000 BBQ Grill. Not only is Mr. Gaian’s overview of our grill incredibly detailed, it’s also positively glowing! We are extremely pleased to have met […]

   Lion Premium Grills – A Closer Look at Our L90000 BBQ Grill Our grills feature an XL temperature gauge which is mounted on the front lid; as the name states, it’s extra large for ease of use and readability. It’s lined with polished stainless steel and it registers temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. […]

  Lion Premium Grills – The Importance of High Quality Cooking Grates Cooking Grids: Types of Grids & Why Lion Has the Best Quality It may not immediately spring to mind as one of the more important components of a BBQ grill, but the cooking grids are vital items. Some may think that it’s not […]

  Lion Premium Grills – Superior Quality: Types of Burners and Why Lion is the Best Burners: Types of Burners and Why Lion Beats the Competition There is no doubt that the burners of a grill are one of the most essential components of any BBQ grill. As such, the quality of the materials that […]

  Lion – Before & After! We’re back again this month with another before and after feature. This one is a bit different in that we’re not showcasing an old grill being swapped out but a backyard renovation in progress.  In the first image you can see the island frame with our Lion products dropped […]