Lion Premium Grills Newsletter – January 2016, Issue 28


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Lion Premium Grills Newsletter – No. 28, January 2016

First and foremost, all of us at Lion Premium Grills would love to wish everyone out there a very Happy New Year! It is unbelievable that 2016 has already rolled around! For us, 2016  signifies the beginning of a very exciting year and we hope it does for all of you as well! This is the 28th issue of the monthly Lion Premium Newsletter; we hope you find it informative and that you enjoy your stay. This year we will continue to bring you only the best quality gas grills and outdoor accessories available; quality and craftsmanship are things we take extremely seriously and we think it shows in the products we create. We use only the finest grade of stainless steel because to us, we take pride in what we make. We are in this to make the best and to provide the best service to our clients and customer base. In this issue you’ll find a bevy of features. We have another award for our 32″ L75000 grill that we’ve been bestowed with which is always very exciting! We also break down a custom outdoor kitchen along with our grill and other accessories. Customer testimonials and a safety guide to using our grills and checking for any potential gas leaks rounds things out. This year should be very exciting and we promise to continue to deliver high end, high quality outdoor products. Again, we wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank you for the support and continuing to visit our site!

Lion Premium Grills – A Close Look at Our BBQ Grill & Accessories with a Custom Island / Outdoor Kitchen!

Below you’ll find a video clip along with some still images of a beautiful slate gray customized island crafted by Lion Premium Grills complete with some of our luxury grilling products; you’ll see our 5 burner 90,000 BTU L90000 gas BBQ grill, our stainless steel single side burner, sink, and even our vertical access door built into a customized fire pit seating/counter piece! Seeing all of this in motion really showcases just the kind of quality and painstaking craftsmanship that goes into the production of our goods, as well as how they really add that extra pop to any backyard.


In this initial shot you can get a great look at how impressive a custom outdoor kitchen / BBQ island complete with grill and accessories really is when showcased in an actual backyard setting. The BBQ island comes complete with a beautiful backsplash and a rock base crafted with a Smokie California charcoal / slate gray finish. It’s a great shot that is really effective at reflecting the proportionality of our products relative to the size of someone’s backyard. The stainless steel shimmer of our grill, sink, and side burner contrast beautifully with the dark gray colors that comprise the base and luxurious granite countertop of the island.


The grill is our signature 40″ 5 burner L90000: a formidable grill that outputs 90,000 total BTUs from cast stainless steel burners. Not only is the cooking power unmatched, the grill itself shows it self to be sleek in design and extremely appealing visually. The 304 16 gauge stainless steel material that the grill is crafted from is top of the line quality. Sporting 1,030 sq in. of cooking space means that this grill is extremely large and can handle grilling large amounts of food simultaneously.


This image shows off two more of our Lion Premium Grills items: the single side burner — which is covered by our sleek, handled stainless steel burner cover — and the bar sink, which is also made from high grade stainless steel. The side burner generates an impressive 15,000 BTUs and comes with a convertible grate that reverses into a wok grate. You can also see the granite counter and rock base up close and in detail in this particular image as well.


Here’s another angle of the custom island unit as well as the L90000 40″ gas grill. This shot provides a nice look at some of the details on our grill; not only of the polished look of the grill knobs, but of the size, placement, and functionality of the hood thermometer. The detailed touches such as our Lion logo and nameplate on the face of the grill add that extra visual dimension to our product.


This image shows off an amazing centerpiece crafted from the same rock finish as the BBQ island in this set of images (and video). The gas firepit is beautiful no question about it. You can also catch a look at our vertical stainless steel access door, but in a slightly different setting. The door looks very much in place and fits the high end look of the piece; the handle is functional and well designed as far as placement and the small, subtle Lion logo adds a touch of detail.


Beautiful Grill

“After careful searching for grills within my budget and specs, I chose the Lion L90000. The construction is solid and it’s well-crafted, with an eye for aesthetics. There’s nothing quite like beholding a solid stainless steel grill. I installed the L90000 three days ago, and I’m putting it through its paces. I started with burgers and dogs, and immediately noticed how gentle this machine is. Flare-ups are minimal, even without high-end flame tamers. Clean-up the next day was simple. The grates are solid, and all of the lower components can take grill brush abuse pretty easily. Next was low and slow pork tenderloin over indirect heat. The meat was tender, juicy, and spot-on for safe cooking temps. The Lion holds lower temps nicely. Today i cooked salmon over the included charcoal box and veggies over gas. That might have been the best meal I have ever cooked. Long story shortened: the Lion is a great, affordable entry into luxury grilling in my honest opinion. I can’t wait to rotisserie a standing rib roast… but it seems like i’ll be pretty happy with day-to-day grilling as well. “

-Review by Marc– Seattle, WA – Amazon – 40″ L90000 Stainless Steel BBQ Grill



Best Gas Grills of 2016: Lion Picked Most Versatile Grill of 2016

Shopper’s Choice has just released their list for Best Grills for 2016! We just announced last month that we were chosen as the Most Versatile Grill of 2015; apparently, we announced that just a tad bit late as Shopper’s Choice and BBQ Guys have released their expert picks for this new year. Here’s what their criteria is for picking their award winners:

“Each year our panel of experts rank which grills are best in a group of categories. With many brands to choose from, this can be a difficult process, but our panel of experts is well suited to the task!”

Regardless of the timing, our L75000 grill has been picked as the expert choice for Most Versatile Grill of 2016 for the 4th year in a row! That is incredibly amazing and we are grateful to keep meeting the standards required to retain that standing. This is what Shopper’s Choice and BBQ Guys has to say about how their award system works and also what they have to say about our L75000:

“Lion Premium Grills have some great features that make it a truly versatile grilling machine. The rotisserie & griddle expand your cooking options, and the grill has cast stainless steel burners which offer excellent durability and performance. The grill is also constructed with high quality 304 stainless steel, meaning it’s built to last!”