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Lion Premium Grills Newsletters

  Lion Premium Grills – Customer Testimonials!   Every month we like to feature  customer reviews that discuss our grills and grill products. At Lion Premium Grills, we find it of the utmost importance to provide only the best quality at the best possible price; hopefully, we’re succeeding in meeting those goals, and any time […]

  Lion Premium Grills – Featured Customer Reviews       Lion Premium Grills – Eco Friendly Refrigerator! Lion Premium Grills is proud to present our environmentally friendly and energy efficient refrigerator. We have an in-depth page dedicated to our refrigerator that you can find at this link. We will also delve into just what […]

Lion Premium Grills – Featured Customer Testimonials               Lion Premium Grills – Pro Tech BBQ Islands: Superior Quality This month we have decided to showcase Pro Tech BBQ Islands, a company that builds some incredible custom BBQ islands to any specification. Their craftsmanship and ability to create innovative islands […]

Lion Premium Grills – New Gallery Updates! Last month saw the addition of our “Making the Switch to Lion” Gallery — a brand new section that showcases happy customers making the switch to our high-quality grills and products –to the Lion Premium Grills website. This section, along with our Before and After Gallery, is meant […]

  Lion Premium Grills – Making the Switch! This month also saw the introduction of a brand new section to the Lion Premium Grills website — the “Making the Switch to Lion” page is filled with a wide variety of individual galleries that showcase the process of switching out an old grill and replacing it […]

  Lion Premium Grills – Customer Testimonials Every month we like to feature  a handful of customer reviews that discuss any of our various grills or accessories. At Lion Premium Grills, we find it essential to provide only the utmost quality at the best possible price; hopefully, we’re succeeding in meeting those goals, and any […]

 Lion Premium Grills Customer Reviews Pleasing our customers is always of the utmost priority at Lion Premium Grills. As such, it makes us extremely happy to see direct feedback that is positive from our customers.  Each month we feature select reviews and testimonials, and this month is no different. Thank you to all of those […]

Lion L75000 Review by Chef Tony Matassa Last month, we were proud to announce that Chef Tony Matassa had awarded us a spot on his annual “Best of” lists for the second year in a row, this time as his pick for the “Most Versatile Gas Grill of 2013.” Needless to say we were extremely […]

[testimonial name=”Chef Tony Matassa” about=”Chef Tony Matassa has worked with some of the best chefs in the Cajun heartland, including Louisiana Chef Andrew Jaeger, French Chef Gerard Hemery, and Baton Rouge favorite Chef Joey Distefano.” image=”http://lionbbq.com/wp-content/uploads/cheftony.jpg”]Lion Premium Grills have some great features that make it a truly versatile grilling machine. The rotisserie & griddle expand […]