Lion Premium Grills Newsletter – July 2015, Issue 22


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Lion Premium Grills Newsletter – No. 22, July 2015

First off we’d like to thank everyone that’s taking the time to read this edition of our monthly newsletter, we greatly appreciate your support and interest!  It’s the month of July and that means summer is officially in full swing. July conjures images of Independence Day, fireworks, family gatherings, pool parties, barbecuing, and leisure time with your loved ones.  Summertime is here and that signals that we are in prime BBQ season! Grilling is the quintessential activity for any party or just time spent with the immediate family. Lion Premium Grills is proud to present the perfect outdoor grills, islands, and accessories that are fit to suit  anyone’s needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran on the grill, our products are top of the line and perfect for all. In this issue we’ll delve into our amazing BBQ islands / outdoor kitchens and the high grade materials we use to build them. The BBQ island is the perfect centerpiece for any outdoor set-up. We hope you enjoy your stay and thank you again from all of us at Lion Premium Grills!

Lion – A Closer Look at Our Porcelain Tile Countertops & Base Materials

In this issue we are going to be focusing on the variety of options and materials we use and offer for the construction of our BBQ island countertops and bases.  We have a bevy of options that are perfect for tailoring your BBQ island to perfectly suit your needs.

First though, we will be taking a look at the range of  options we have on hand for our island countertops which can be broken down into two distinct categories (with a subset of different types and colors within each category): granite tops and glazed porcelain tile tops. We’ll kick things off by taking a closer look at the granite we use for our BBQ islands.

 Porcelain Countertops

The picure of the BBQ island above is a perfect example of a beautiful unit that uses our porcelain tile options for the countertop construction.

Porcelain tiles are known for their ability to add contrast and warmth to any setting and/or product  that includes these tiles in their construction process. Warm yet elegant, Light yet vibrant,  porcelain tiles will go a long way in enhancing your BBQ island. At Lion Premium Grills we carry a vast assortment — some of which we will be showcasing here — of these high grade tiles.

We use one of the premiere tile manufacturers in the nation who not only create the highest grade tile, but also are environmentally conscious in their usage of pre and post consumer recyled materials during the production process. The tiles are chemically resistant as well as sturdy; they are able to withstand over 275 lbs. of applied force. With that said, it is quite easy to see why we use this particular brand- they are one of the best and they meet our quality standards. Below are some of tiles we carry!


The Cliffe Pointe Porcelain Tile Collection

The Cliff Pointe series from Daltile is an exquisite collection of high quality tiles made from the finest materials.

Cliffe Pointe Beach


Cliffe Pointe Redwood


Cliffe Pointe Rock


Cliffe Pointe Earth


The Cliffe Pointe Collection is thematically rooted in the natural wonders of the Earth. Classic, subtle, vibrant, and gorgeous are all proper descriptors when it comes to the Cliffe Pointe Collection of glazed porcelain tiles. From light to dark, we start off with Beach, a wonderful, pale beige tile that functions to brighten up any space. Works wonderfully to contrast against any darker tones. Redwood deepens things color wise with it’s rich, terracotta glow; the earthen tones of this tile are tasteful and eye catching. Rock is a steely gray color- a more perfect namesake for this tile could never be found. This tile works great to add subtle color depth  to darker colors or as a contrast to the lighter shades of the spectrum (light stucco on one of our BBQ islands for example). Earth is the deepest, darkest tile color available. Bold and powerful, Earth is perfect for adding an extra punch to any set-up.

These tiles are very durable to boot, withstanding upwards of 275 lbs. of force or pressure. The Cliffe Pointe Collection is the definition of refinement, which along with the quality, makes these the perfect tiles to use for our islands.




Base Material Options

We also offer — in addition to our assortment of countertop construction options — a wide variety of options for customizing the materials that are used to construct our BBQ island bases. We can construct the island base from four major materials (with a wide variety of options for certain choices of materials):

  • Rock
  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Rock Stucco

Below we will discuss each individual base material in more detail.

Rock Finish (Aspen California Fit & Smokie California Fit)


Our “California Fit” rock finish is one of our favorite ways to build a BBQ island. Visually, the intricacy of the cobbled rock pattern can not be beat. It adds a certain sturdiness (functionally and in appearance) as well as being extremely pleasing to the eye. It adds a sense of depth and dimension as well due to the complexity and look of the construction. The ledge like nooks and crannies are stunning. The stones are slim fit which adds a sleek, measured look to the unit.

Our rock finish comes in two color schemes with the Aspen California Fit tending more towards a tan, beige appearance. The Smokie California consists of darker grays, charcoals, and similar colors. Both are pure eye candy and really bring out the best with concern for any of our countertop choices (it doesn’t matter if it’s granite or tile, it’ll look incredible). Below you’ll see close up images of our rock finishes – both showcase the Aspen California Fit rock finish.


Brick & Used Brick Finish



We love the usage of brick for our BBQ island base finishes; the distinct look and texture of brick, the eye catching classic appearance that is part and parcell of expert bricklaying. Using brick for your BBQ island instantly adds pop and visual complexity while also adding a sense of “strength” and weight to the unit itself. Brick has been used for roughly 5,000 known years; it is a huge part of human history and civilization!

The hardiness and durability of brick is a key component in its usage for our base building. We offer a classic fiery red brick finish and a used brick finish (adds a distinct weathered and worn look) as seen in the pictures. It’s a classic, a staple, and perfect for any BBQ island. Below you’ll find a close up of our Premium Q with a used brick finish.


Stucco Finish



Dove Grey









Stucco  is a great finish all-around; it is durable, visually appealing, and weather-resistant. We love the added texture it provides to our bases and we offer a vast assortment of colors; you’ll most definitely find the color you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for subtlety or adding a zing of color, we have what you need. Above you’ll see a sampling of what we have to offer for our stucco finishes.  There are more colors for our stucco finishes which you can find by checking out our Options and Upgrades section. Below you’ll see a pic of our Superior Q BBQ island with the Aspen stucco finish. You can really see the texture of the stucco in these specific images.


Rock Stucco Finish


Champagne Grey


Stoney Creek


Rock Stucco, like standard modern stucco, is a fantastic, well-rounded finish. It inherits all of the positives of standard stucco — very eye pleasing, weather resistant, durable — but spices things up a bit by incorporating tiny rock pieces into the stucco to create an even more textured look. You can see the speckled appearance that rock stucco provides in the photos above. We have two options for rock stucco — Champagne Grey and Stoney Creek. Below you’ll find our Advanced Q BBQ island with a beautiful Champagne Grey rock stucco finish.