Lion Premium Grills Newsletter – February 2017, Issue 41


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Lion Premium Grills Newsletter – No. 41, February 2017


Hello, we would like to thank you for visiting our Lion Premium Grills Monthly Newsletter; here you’ll be able to find updates on new products, photos, equipment features, recipes, customer testimonials and more! As you can see, we are now in February of 2017 and this is our 41st issue. We burst into the new year last month and with each week that passes we get increasingly closer to the prime grilling season; we are actually in the period of time where most people are preparing for the upcoming spring and summer and picking up their new grill equipment or renovating their backyard, planning a new outdoor kitchen, etc. It’s still cold but it’s hard to say that it’s ever too cold to barbecue. I know we do not let a little bit of the elements stop us from firing up our grills.


So what do we have lined up for this month? Well, we have another great recipe — this one is relatively straightforward but it is definitely a crowd pleaser, especially if they’re into seafood. Light, flavorful, and easy to prepare. We also take a closer look at our drop in ice bin which is one of our primary outdoor accessories. We were also awarded 2017 Best Value Grill from Shopper’s Choice! That applies for our built in and freestanding grills! We also have a great video that breaks down our L90000 grill and cart set-up. It’s very useful for anyone interested in a freestanding set. We hope you enjoy this month’s issue and thank you for visiting us and showing interest in our products; we always appreciate it!


Lion Premium Grills Featured Recipe: Mediterranean Lemon Salmon Skewers

Hello and welcome to our monthly featured recipe. For our February 2017 edition we have a quick, easy, and simple recipe for you that is unbelievably delicious. This is most likely the easiest recipe we’ve had featured in our newsletter thus far — Mediterranean style salmon and lemon skewers. The flavor profile is off the charts but balanced. This is a favorite at Lion Premium Grills, especially when you consider how easy it is to prepare. This recipe is versatile and great for any number of occasions, from outdoor dinner parties to just a weekday meal for the family. We hope you enjoy this one!


1 lb. salmon filets

3 lemons (sliced)

Extra-virgin olive oil, for brushing

Kosher salt

Freshly ground black pepper

Torn fresh dill



First off, prepare your grill; clean any remaining  residue from previous cooking sessions and heat it to high. Let it heat for roughly 10 minutes. Now prep your food. Take your salmon and cut it into 2″ pieces; take your lemons and thinly slice them as well. Skewer your cubed salmon and lemon slices. Now take your olive oil and lightly brush your skewered food. Lightly salt and pepper your fish as well. You can use any other additional seasoning that you desire, but this should be perfect for this very simple and delicious recipe.

Your grill should be ready at this point. Take your salmon and lemon skewers and grill them on your hot grill, turning each skewer once, 6 to 8 minutes. Once they’re ready, remove the skewers and garnish them with dill. Add any additional salt or pepper to taste; drizzle with more extra virgin olive oil if you prefer. Serve.


Heavy Duty Superiority

“I was in the market for a brand new grill as my old unit was well past its prime and I decided it was best to just replace the outdated grill. After some online research I went with the Lion L75000. One of the reasons was because my outdoor island was sized to fit a 32 inch grill and the Lion looked like the best option for what I was going for. Once I received it, I was very impressed by the quality of the build. This thing is very heavy and solidly built. You can tell they are using high grade stainless steel for this grill. I fired it up and it cooks like a dream especially if you already have experience using these types of gas grills. I really love this grill and have zero complaints so far. It’s great!”

Stevenson Ranch, California
32″ L75000 Grill –

Lion Premium Grills – Voted 2017 Best Value Built-In Gas Grill from Shopper’s Choice!

At the beginning of each year, the people at Shopper’s Choice award the best BBQ gas grills on the market a variety of different awards. Lion has consistently been a winner and this year is no different. We’ve taken two awards this year, winning both the 2017 Best Value Award for Built-In Gas Grills as well as Freestanding Gas Grills.  There is a lot of competition in the grill market with a bevy of different companies competing for accolades and awards. We are extremely happy and pleased to have received notice again this year for the quality of our products. We strive to provide the utmost in quality while passing on all savings to the customer. We have the review from Shopper’s Choice directly below. We’d like to extend our thanks to all of the kind people at Shopper’s Choice — thank you!

Chef’s Choice Awards 2017

Best Value Built-In Gas Grill & Best Value Freestanding Grill

“If you’re looking for a value-packed built-in gas grill, then Lion is the best bet for your money. Lion grills are solidly built using 304 stainless steel and the hood is double-lined for extra durability. The grill comes with cast stainless burners that radiate heat well and tend to last longer than other burners. Lion also stands behind their grills with a great lifetime warranty, which covers the burners, cooking grids, and stainless steel frame and housing. To top it off, Lion includes a grilling gourmet package with their grill. The package includes a rotisserie kit, grill cover, smoker box, griddle, and griddle plate remover with bottle opener.”



Here’s an image of our 5 burner 40″ grill — the L90000. This grill packs an impressive 90,000 total BTUs across all burners including the rotisserie back burner. You can clearly see some of the details and features included, such as the dual interior lights, the removable warming rack, and the rotisserie motor. Our grills are fully crafted from 304 grade 16 gauge stainless steel which accounts for their heavy duty nature, quality of construction, and hardiness/sturdiness.

The Shopper’s Choice write-up that accompanies our award is also perfect in the way that it accentuates some of the key points that we feel elevates our grill above the competition — it points out the quality of the construction of the grill — we do not skimp on our building materials because they define the product. That’s why we use 304 grade 16 gauge stainless steel which is the best on the market. Our grill can and will stand up to environmental conditions that other grills just won’t be able to.

The review also points out the high quality of our warranty; we offer a lifetime warranty on our stainless steel grill frame and housing, our cooking grates, and our cast stainless burners. We also include a gourmet package with every purchase which includes a rotisserie kit, a grill cover, a griddle plate, a smoker box, and a bottle opener. The smoker box alone allows you to utilize wood chips to enhance your grilling experience; the griddle plate allows you to cook food on your grill that would normally be impossible.


Here’s a picture of our 5 burner gas grill. You can see just how impressive our grill looks once it’s set-up; sleek and functional design that emphasizes the key points of any grill. We take the utmost pride in not only look the of our grill, but also in its overall grilling capabilities.

Heavy duty, sharply designed, beautiful to look at, includes an amazing warranty, and most importantly, this grill is built to cook. We take pride in the quality of the product that we create and we hope that this is apparent in the breakdown of our product and the features included. We’d like to again extend our thanks to the people at Shopper’s Choice for awarding us Best Value Grill for 2017. We greatly appreciate it!



All Quality!

“I have been using our grill and cart for about a year and this thing is amazing. I’ve never had any issues with rust or build up or anything like that but I do keep it cleaned up at all times. Cooks amazing chops and steaks and has tons of space if you need to flip a ton of burgers for a party or what have you.  The best thing is that I can move it around as I please which is one factor that was a must when I was deciding on a final purchase. The door and drawers are fantastic and the whole thing is very heavy and well made.”

-Review by J. Shaeffer – Los Angeles, CA – – 40″ L90000 Stainless Steel BBQ Grill & Grill Cart

Lion Premium Grills – Stainless Steel Ice Bin


This issue has primarily been about the ways you can enhance your grilling experience, whether that be via grilling techniques, methods, and tips, or by actually upgrading your set-up with our optional accessories. These options can actually function as true game changers in that they can completely open up new avenues and horizons when it comes to what you can accomplish on the grill. Below we’ll break down one of our favorite accessories — the ice chest!

Ice Bin with Condiment Tray

No backyard party or bbq is complete without having a handy ice chest or cooler in close vicinity. Even better is having that ice chest integrated directly into your outdoor kitchen / BBQ island. Our Lion drop in Ice Bin is heavy duty, which can be seen first hand when the chest is held; it’s easy to “feel” the sturdiness of the item. It is constructed from high grade 304 stainless steel which accounts for the sturdy and durable feel. The interior of the chest is fully insulated. The chest also comes with a condiment tray which features a variety of handy compartments. The bin is 14″ deep and it can hold a substantial amount of beverages; up to 28 12 ounce cans can be stored at any given time.






Lion Premium Grills – Video Log of Our 40″ Grill & Cart

Here’s a great video from Mike Sorbin that showcases our 40″ grill and cart. He really does a great job of going over the different features and accessories in an informative manner. What is also much appreciated is that he mentions details that are often overlooked in other videos such as the placement of the cotter pins on the cast stainless burners and so on. We really appreciate the time and effort put in by Mike Sorbin and would like to thank him!


This video showcases some features or grill details that are commonly overlooked. As you can see, this is where the plug for the grill lights is located on the back; the video shows the cord and power adapter as well.

Here’s a close up of the 40″ L90000 on the cart itself. This angle showcases the knobs and bezels and you can see the embossed logo and nameplate in a bit more detail.

This shows off the door and drawers that are built into the grill cart. In this particular image, you can see just how much storage space is available. The charcoal tray, smoker box, heat shields and other accessories are stored in this compartment for now until the owner decides to put them to use. This just showcases the variety of uses that this portable, built-in storage compartment has.


Here’s a screen cap of one of our storage drawers. You can see that the owner is storing his rotisserie motor and a cast stainless steel burner inside and he still has ample space to store more products or items inside.

This is a close up of our 40″ grill open with the rotisserie rod inserted. In this image we wanted to show you a closer view of the rod with the counterweight and washers attached.

The side of our grill cart even has extra features such as a handy bottle opener. It’s a small addition but it really is quite useful as you’ll never find yourself looking for a bottle opener at the most inopportune moments. If you’re grilling one will always be available to you.

Last but not least, this is an image of the interior of the grill with the grill lights on, the rod and spit, griddle plate, warming rack and more. The owner has also outfitted his grill with the optional searing burner and our ceramic tubes and tray (for indirect cooking).